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tight throttle

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I recently bought a used 2003 SV650S. It has been modified to a naked SV650, including headlight and handlebar change. It also has a bar-end mirror. But I feel the throttle is so tight that every time I ride, my wrist gets sore very easily.

What's the problem? Thanks.
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The throttle cables were routed incorrectly.
Not enough of

Seriously - either bar ends are rubbing against the grips, or the cables need some lubing.
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i think it's the cable
try some cable lube. The earlier bikes do have harder to operate throttles, even when the cables are perfectly lubed and routed. I think this is due to the stiffer spring on the throttle body. It feels quite weird twisting the throttle on these new 08/09 bikes and it is so effortless.
If he converted a S model to an N, you need to route the "S" cables a certain way or else they will bind. You also may need to rotate the S model throttle assembly in a certain position on the handlebars. Usually the correct routing means routing the cables under that gas tank on the left side.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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