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So my wife wanted to go to Thunder Over Louisville on Saturday. I was in class all day and didn't get home (Indy) until about 6 so I wasn't too excited about going to Louisville to watch some fireworks but it turns out it was pretty cool.

From their website- "The day-long event kicks off the two exciting weeks of events that are part of the annual Kentucky Derby Festival. "

There is apparently a very good Air Show followed that evening by a fireworks display. We missed the airshow but plan on making it back next year to do the whole day. We were on the Indiana side of the border to watch the fireworks and it was totally packed. The fireworks go on for about half an hour and it stretches across the bridge between Louisville and Indiana.

Louisville across the water

Just a mass of people

More masses of people

Some of the fireworks

The little one had lots of fun
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