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So I tried to sync up my throttle bodies today but ran into a problem. When going by the FSM it says there should be a .007" gap in between the throttle lever and stop screw. I took this to mean it need to be shimmed to maintain that gap throughout synchronization.

I must be wrong on that assumption because I can only raise the idle to about 1,000rpm with the shim there. Without the shim there I have enough adjustment to keep the idle at 1300rpm. I'm using a homemade deal with two glass bottles.

Per the FSM "During balancing the throttle valves, always set the engine
rpm at 1 300 rpm, using throttle stop screw." I took this to mean you should maintain that 1300rpm throughout the process. But it also says "After balancing the two valves, set the idle rpm to 1 300 rpm." So do they mean set the idle at 1300rpm right before the sync and leave it alone until afterwards?

I searched around on here but could only find one mention of the .007" gap I'm still kind of confused about how that gap is maintained though. The guy says he loosened the stop screw, but it says not to touch that in the manual.
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