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Things to inspect on new-used bike

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Im a new rider as you guys may know.. i picked up my first bike, the 01' SV a few weeks ago, however untill i can pay off the last $300 it remains in storage at the dealership i bought it from

i recieved a PM from someone saying watchout for the dealership that i bought my bike from, because his friend got a Ninja from there that had pretty much no oil in it when he picked it up off the showroom floor! so my question is, what things should i make sure to check before i take the bike home with me?
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well when you pick it up from the dealer, although it is a used bike, they should still do a pdi on it. check oil, test ride it, check oil and coolant again. tire pressure. all the lights and gauges work. owners manual. tool kit. good battery in it. brake fluid is topped off. no loose bolts. chain tension. clutch cable.

can't think of much else. you may be able to ask them to adjust the suspension to your weight.
Brake fluid
Clutch cable
Tire wear
Tire air pressure
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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