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The Upgrade...

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So, I've been a GS500e owner, and member of for the past five years, but I finally decided to upgrade my 1999 GS. I went out yesterday and set to wrenching. I added a 2004 SV1000s frame, motor, faring (complete with lowers), wheels, etc. The end results netted me double the horsepower and torque, as well as updated styling...



So now the formalities. I'm 35, I teach, and I'm from Indiana. I plan to ask lots of stupid questions about this bike since it didn't come with an owners manual. Thanks in advance!
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Welcome! The SV1000 is a BIG step up from the GS500 in power, performance and technology. Quite a difference, eh?
Congrats on the new bike and condolences on the teaching thing. ;)
Hi oramac, Welcome to SVR. Nice bike!

Have fun and ride safe!
Nice "upgrade" there!
Thanks to one and all... I definitely enjoyed my gs500e over the past five years, but it's nice to be a little "scared" of a bike again. The handling is obviously different, as is the power delivery. I'll be getting to know the bike over the next couple of months before I take my yearly trip to deals gap.

Quite a lot of work you did there. lol
Welcome, good to see another Indianan here.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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