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So I am a beginner motorcyclists. I'll admit it. I've only been riding for a year and four months. But what I lack in experience I make up for in, uh, enthusiasm to gain more experience! ;D

To that end, and to help other like me, as well as those of you who are further along in the process, I thought I would start a thread on schools and courses that can improve our riding. I will start the list. You can add to it and add reviews or other thoughts as you see fit. These are in no particular order:

* Motorcycle Safety School - New England
* Lee Parks Total Control - National
* Motorcycle Safety Foundation - National
* Hudson Valley Community College - NY
* Christine's KickSTART - NY
* Adirondacs & Beyond Motorcycle Safety - NY
* California Superbike School - CA

* Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School - GA
* Ed Bargy Racing - GA
* Penguin Road Racing School - MA
* Jason Pridmore's STAR Motorcycle School - CA

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I like your enthusiasm. I noticed you're from the east coast. NESBA (Northeast Sportbike Assoc) has motorcycle trackdays all over the east. They're a great place to learn, and not too terribly expensive. There are dozens of Control Rider (instructors) at any trackday to help with any technique you feel you need help with. You go at your own pace. It's amazing how helpful the trackday riders are....great group of people. Good luck.....Bill
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