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The animated avatar thread.

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do you have an animated avatar? Post if yes.

(I am extremely bored)
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<~~~~look over there
Ace for the win.

Einhorn is Finkle!! Finkle is a man!!!!
<-----The truth...
Finally I belong.
Umm silver....are missing something....
Yeah, yeah. I'm trying to get it to work.
Need a SSgt to fix it for ya.........hahaha can't wait!!
For the time being.
lol @ enlisted vs comm spat
i've been know to have an animated avatar from time to time
yay, me.
I've had this one for a long time now.
can somebody animate mine :(
:'( I miss the hypnotizing boobies (Whatever Dude).
1 - 20 of 60 Posts
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