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Interesting (read worrisome) experience today. Seven miles into a ride, I
downshifted for a sharp corner. When I re-engaged the engine, it died.
Coasted to the shoulder and hit the starter. Battery seemed weak. Started
on the third try. Rode back home with no problems, including a braking
downshift at the driveway. Shut bike off and then restarted. Battery
seemed weak. Took my other bike out for a five hour ride (Multiple bikes
is a good thing if SWMBO allows). When I got back, I thumbed the starter
on the SV and it sounded strong as ever.

I'm not much of a wrench. Any ideas why this happened?


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wacky_woodchuck said:
I'm thinking the regulator/rectifier is going.
+1. This is how my VFR behaved when the r/r was gasping its last. Time to break out the multimeter. And do it sooner rather than later, because if the r/r is going, it may well be repeatedly over/undercharging your battery (putting out 16+ volts at times, way below 12 at others), frying it in the process.
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