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That is all.

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Wait, wut?
currently said:
These threads have been discussed ad naseaum among the moderators.

The final decision was if there are any complaints, the specific pictures get taken down.
For the most part all the questionable pictures were taken down without any interaction from the moderating staff. These two threads have been self moderating as a result of sensitive and coherent discussion from the members and participants of the thread.

It is one of the reasons the thread is so successful ...

As for the moderation that has happened, the majority was to remove the "free toast" and threadjacking (which is quite an artform here) posts.

Carry on!
ranger said:
This thread is now closed
Rogue mod? :dontknow:
look a wheelie
See less See more
I did my first wheelie of 2009 on Fri. But then a lot of you knew that already. :D
worthless without pictures....unless you don't want pictures of you smeared across the internets. :)
look a wheelie
don't you know wheelies kill svs?
don't you know wheelies kill svs?
Don't know know that's not an SV?
listen you can hear it starving
those poor starving sv's :'(

for only a dollar a day you can keep idiots off these bikes and ensure all sv's are properly fed

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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