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Tech Spec on the '05

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Just put some on. Now maybe my voice wont be an octave higher on sudden stops. No, I couldnt get the images any larger.

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So about having to warm it up... I know the directions said 80*. It was more like 60* in my garage and it seems to adhere just fine. I had to reapply one side and it took a good deal of tugging to get just the 1/2 pad that I stuck on to come loose. Should I hit it with a hair dryer anyways or just let the Texas heat "activate" the adhesive?

I'm too lazy to take them back off and recenter realign them... they still work, so I'm just gonna leef it.
Im quite the retentive type so I needed to get it as symmetrical as possible within the time constraints allotted to complete the task.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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