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I bought both of these at newenough. And like everyone says around here, the service was great and shipping was fast. so +1 for them.

First the boots. I love it. I haven't been riding the SV hard for long, but I figured I needed to invest in good leather boots for when I want to have some fun. I looked around, and at first I was going to get regular street boots. But I saw the SS for $129 and I was like ok, good enough.

The size seems to be true. I wear 9.5-10 US sneakers, which is 43 EUR I guess (according to newenough charts). So I got size 43. At first I thought I went a little too small, but that's expected since it needed some breaking-in time.

But even when I first put it on as soon as I got it, it wasn't that uncomfortable. I keep my bike 20 minutes away from here, so I just wore the boots around the entire day to help break them in. I thought they were incredibly comfortable. I had to get used to the zipper closure because I've never wore any shoes/boots with a zipper...

I rode last weekend and this weekend with the boots on, and they are again comfortable on and off the bike. I expected my feet to feel alittle weird after 3 hours of riding, but nope. I'm good to go. They really seem to hug the contours of my feet/shin very well (I have flat feet btw). And they look pretty dam good.

I got the white one just to be a bit different. I didn't expect the attention that I got though..I guess it's really not that subtle to wear white boots. :p Now, I don't really plan on crashing (but who does..?) but I feel like they're going to hold up very well. It has ankle reinforcement area and it seems like it'll keep my feet from hyperextending.

I don't really sweat from my feet, so that's not really a problem for me...but just in case, I put Dr. Scholls odor absorbing pad in there. My feet never got hot...but then again it's still April in the It was 74 yesterday, and my feet never got hot. I think it could use some better venting, but I don't really care about that.

Comfort: 10/10

Protection: 9/10 (just because there are a lot of boots that provide better protection)

Ventilation: 5/10

Value: 10/10

Now the jacket...

First of all, i'm not a big fan of logos on motorcycle jacket...I dunno. I guess I just like the clean look of solid colors. I have a Moto GP textile jacket (I'm not sure what model..) which has really nothing on it except a small MotoGP logo on left breast area.

So why did I get this? Well the $79.99 for a leather jacket definitely caught my attention.

But of course I'm going to question/criticize its quality and build for a leather jacket that cheap. I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.

When I first opened that leather-scented box, my first impression of the jacket was "man, i wish I didn't have that huge Power Trip on there". lol
No, for real, I thought it was pretty good. I put it on and it really hugged my body. I thought it was a bit tight compared to my textile jacket, but like my boots, it's leather and it needs break-in time.

I received the jacket about the same time as my boots, which is about two weeks. Again, I wore the jacket around the room to help it break in. The leather feels great now. I can definitely feel its thickness and the protection capabilities if I take a fall. The stitches seem very sturdy. The only thing that got me was "Made in China" which questions my speculation of how long this sturdiness will last. But nonetheless, the leather parts are great.

Like many leather jackets, it gets hot when you're just sitting there doing nothing, but this jacket has 6 vents. 2 at the arms, 2 front, 2 back. Even with the liner attached, the jacket wasn't hot in 74 degree weather (when moving). The jacket is getting more comfortable the more I ride.

Now for the gripes:

1. The ergonomics of the vents are kinda bad. Don't get me wrong, the vents are great. They definitely do their job. But for the rear vents, I don't have the flexibility to get to them. The front vents, I keep confusing them for pockets, so I just don't put anything in the front pockets now because I'm scared I'll one day mistake the pockets for vents and everything falls out. :eek:

2. I feel like the neck opening is huge. lol Maybe it's because I have a skinny neck? or maybe the leather around that region just needs to break-in more. This definitely attributes to the venting. lol I feel plenty of air down my neck. But I actually like that.

Comfort: 8/10 (I've only had it for two weeks, so I'm guess the comfort will only get better the more I wear it

Fit: 10/10. I wear 40 in suit size. I'm 5'8". I ordered 40 and it fit perfectly. Length and width

Ventilation: 10/10.

Value: 10/10. Definitely. I don't think you'll find anything for $80 for a leather jacket that is this well-built.

Protection: 9/10. Again, I'm sure there are many jackets that provide better protection than this one, that's the only reason I gave 9.

wow that was long...i just kinda rambled.
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