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Okay so I am going to be taking my first big trip next month. Starting from park city, Ut going out to Santa Cruz, CA. What I am trying to find out is where I can get reliable info for road conditions, weather, rest/gas stops, etc.
the last time I took a trip to vegas last year I ended up getting soaked almost the whole time I was back in Utah. It sucked but it wasn't too bad. The wind was the worst though. I had to pull over on the left side of the road under an overpass and sit it out for like an hour. I am trying to find out if I am going to be passing through any high wind areas because if that is the case I would want to find detours.
Anyhow thanks for the help.

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Just noticed your post....

Weather in Utah has been HOT and DRY. Ususally between 95 to 105 in the afternoons. We've had a few afternoon thunderstorms in the last two months.

Roads have been fine- can't think of anything unusual. There have closed the freeway once or twice in the South end of the state because of wild fires.

Enjoy the ride.
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