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SWATT clip-ons, couple questions

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Using factory SV front end I've read the 2.5" rise clip-ons be position approx. 1/2" higher than factory S clip-ons, is this correct? I know longer throttle cables would be a good investment, what about brake and clutch lines? Do they have enough slack to extend 1/2"?

Does anyone have pics of 3.5" rise SWATT clip-ons on an SV with factory front end? What exactly is the maximum rise over stock?

What is the downward angle on these, compared with stock?
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Here are some pics that may help you eyeball heights and angles:

Standard S top triple with clip ons:

My 2.5" Swatts installed on my stock naked triple and forks:

The first Swatt pic kinda shows the height of the bars compared to the top triple.

Good luck.

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I ran the clutch cables to the inside of the fork and I had plenty of room.

The brake line will reach, but I loosened the clamp under the fairing and managed to pull the line about .5" up to give me a little more slack.

Here is the only picture I have for comparison to see the angle difference, it's not very good. I like the angle, I don't think it's bad at all.

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