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sgf323 said:
Today my brother got a Ninja ZX-6R and I rode it.  Wow!  I really liked it.  It had great control and was very very easy to maneuver.  It has a lot more power than my SV but that isn't my concern really, I just like the way it handled.

Is there anything I can do to my '05 SV650S to make it handle similar to a bike such as the Ninja or am I just better off planning on trading in for a Ninja or similar next year?  The SV is bone-stock in concerns to suspension and performance.

I'd hate to get rid of the SV so quick but I really really liked the way the Ninja rode.  The best way I could describe it was that I felt like I *was* the bike :)

Thanks for any suggestions for mods to the SV!do the snorkl.e. fairly cheap, sounds great.

It's been several months and 5000 miles since I posted this.  I still have the SV and am glad I do.  Yesterday I rode my brother's Ninja again and have to say that now I completely understand why people say the SV's are more fun.  Because of the I4 in the Ninja you have to really get on it to have fun.  With the SV you've got torque and acceleration all the way through.  The Ninja has more acceleration and speed when you're getting on it but the SV gets up to 100mph just fine enough for me.  I also like not having to worry about the RPM's and what gear I'm in so much.

I also have the SV stock suspension to my liking now and have done some mods (TRE/TPS/Exhaust Restrictor) which has made it more enjoyable.    I love my SV :)
Gotta do the sv1000 snorkle, wonderful sounds ;D
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