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so over the winter months I have been doing a lot of work on my sv.
about a month ago I some how managed to short the bike out resulting in all clock lights to not work.
I changed the fuse that had blown and tried it, instantly the fuse would blow out as soon as I turned the ignition on.
after a bit of head scratching I worked out the clocks their self are now dead and bought a second hand set(all working fine as I have two sv's and tried it on the second one)
so going back to my 2009 sv I plugged the clocks in and was happy to see that everything was working as should, until it started to get dark and I noticed the background light wasn't working to illuminate speedo and rev dials,
I go back to 2006 sv and plug it in and its working fine I've looked around to try find a obvious problem but couldn't spot anything.
does anyone know what colour wire powers the background lighting on the clocks, or know something else I could try.

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