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SV650 Vs. ZZR600

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My SV650 is a 1st gen but with mods it has about the power specs of a 2nd gen. My buddy who I ride with is on a stock 2003 Kawi ZZR600. How would the bikes compare performance? Handling? Reliability? and so on and so forth? It seems that when we do a role on from around 20-70 per say, we are dead even and in the corners I seem to have an advantage. Not sure if its rider skill though or bike ability.
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You'll probably be about even until 100mph or so, then he'll pull away - they normally dyno at 85-90rwhp. That year ZZR600 weighed 430lbs dry, whereas a 2002 SV650 'N' weighs 364lbs dry. They have the same wheelbase, but the ZZR's rake and trail are a little less, meaning it may turn in a little quicker.
+1 As far as reliability I know the SV is a proven package, not sure about the ZZR. Much better torque and ridability for everyday riding on the SV.
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