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I was forced off the road to avoid being hit by a car. My jedi reactions saved my but "the force" wasn't strong enough to stop me hitting the pavement and bending the rim of the front wheel. Sourcing a replacement straight wheel is proving a problem as I can't really find any.

The Question: Has Mr Suzuki used this front wheel on any other Suzuki Models?

I ask as the brake disc rotars for a GSX600 (not gsxr) and GSF650(bandit) fit the sv650.

Question 2: Does the front wheel of a GSX600 fit a sv650 (injected)?

thank you everyone for taking the time to reply.

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I believe the GSX (what we commonly call the Katana in the States) does in fact use the same wheels. I'd ask for more affirmations on that however.

I missed the 'injected' comment. I think the wheels won't fit on the 2nd gen bike. Only on the 1st gens.
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