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I searched for hours and read a lot of posts about similar problems but none seemed to have the same exact problem that I do. I recently got a 2004 SV650 from someone who had fried the engine doing wheelies. His dad wanted to make it into a father son project and bought another engine off eBay. They got up to mounting the newer engine into the frame but couldn't figure it out from there. So I bought it for cheap. All this to say I don't really have any information about this engine's past. I suspect it was wrecked but I don't know for sure. The only sign is that the mounting bolt for the engine (where the frame sliders go) is drilled out. No cosmetic damage.

This past weekend I finished the valve adjustment and put the bike back together. This included new clutch plates and new springs. In neutral, the bike starts up and runs fine. But as soon as I dropped into first, it lurched forward and stalled out. I tried pulling the clutch in and rolling the bike with no luck. I then went and followed my Clymer manual's instructions on clutch adjustment. No luck. I then drained all the fluids and took the clutch plates out. The steels weren't in great condition (I knew this putting them in but didn't want to spend money on new ones) and thought they could be slightly warped, so I replaced them with the steels from the original engine that look to be in better shape. No luck. With the cases off I actuated the clutch lever and watched the assembly move. I honestly do not know what a moving clutch assembly is supposed to look like or how for it is supposed to move, but it was being actuated. Also, I looked at the diagrams in the manual and understand how the clutch is actuated. I am absolutely stumped as to what the issue could be. I feel like I have checked everything but I am no expert.

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