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Wanted to make a better exhaust for my SV, but that requires a little more room. Have moved to a Shorai mounted to the side of the motor ala Ducati style. Plenty of undertail room now. Saves a tonne of weight too.

It uses four stock Suzuki gromments, two off the water pump, one off the radiator mount, one off the oil cooler mount. 3mm alloy, massive overkill and would survive a nuclear attack. Bolts are Pro Bolt black stainless; I've done almost all of the bike now, except the engine. Going full stealth black on black, although I'll probably use the marble paint effect again when I repaint it.

Next job is shorten the starter cable (solenoid mounts on bottom of box), lengthen the power cable, then reroute the main loom feed and crimp some new terminals on. Once I've dressed the welds and powdercoated it, I'll cover the back side in reflective heat shielding. Probably not required but might as well go the whole hog.

Will then look at moving the ECU and Power Commanders to above it, between the headlight and radiator cap mounts. Assuming there is sufficient length, I'm too lazy to extend the ECU harness :D

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