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These are in great shape with just light scratches on the back of the left mirror.. Looks like I scraped something parking in the garage or something like that. I have attempted to show a picture of it. It looks like if you would scrape the metal with a paper clip or something. NOT from being dropped!

They are missing the rubber caps that fit on top of the bolts that go into the handlebars but they are just aesthetic so I never replaced them. I ended up using a pair of napolean bar end mirrors so these maybe have 4000 miles on them. I have been keeping them around since they are such nice mirrors but I need to clean out the gear closet! I will sell them for $45 via paypal including shipping to the lower 48. These will fit SV650 naked bikes also and are a much better shape than the first gen ovals! You can see past your shoulders with these! Thanks

Click on this link and then click on the thumbnail pics to see LARGER ones! These were taken today.
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