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Posted this twice on accident. Newer pictures on the other one.

I bought an OEM chin fairing for a sv1000 to put on my Second Generation Sv650.

Some trimming had to be done. Here is an inside picture with the red line showing were some plastic had to be cut away to make room for the exhaust. For the trim work i used a jigsaw with a fine metel cutting blade. It works fast and easy.

Before -[email protected]/3385871489/

After -[email protected]/3385871505/

The left side of the cowl also has to be trimmed to fit.
Before -[email protected]/3385871497/

After -[email protected]/3385871513/

After checking for exhaust clearance I had to figure out what to use for brackets and bushings.

Brackets - Went to ace hardware and picked up some in the hardware section. They were 4in long and pre-drilled. Here is a pic
[/url][email protected]/3385878757/[/url]

The pre-drilled holes actually matched up for the 2 on the front so i didnt even need to drill them. I just had to cut the one on the left off so it didnt stick out. The 2 that went on the back needed the edges rounded off so they would fit against the body. They also needed to be drilled and trimmed for length. I just uscrewed the stock bolts on either side, put the brackets on and tightened them back down. Very easy to do.

Bushings- I bought this new and it didnt come with bushing so i made my own. They are 5/8 rubber washers that i found in the plumbing section.[email protected]/3385871521/

For mounting hardware i bought 4 metric bolts i think 20mm long. 8 lock nuts, and 8 washers.

Installation- To secure the bushing i sandwiched them between 2 washers and tightened them from the back with one of the lock nuts.[email protected]/3385878681/

There was still enough of the bolt left over to mount up and tighten down with the remaining lock nuts.

I then mounted the brackets on the bike except for the front left one. It fit snug against the oil cooler so i attached it to the cowl first and then to the bike. The rest of the bolts mounted up, squeezing the mounts together between the nuts i used to attach the washers. When you get it all bolted up it is very solid. I would suggest using locking nuts so it doesnt rattle off.

All in all it wasnt that hard. And the best part is the money you can save. You can find these cowls for under 100$ and mount them up for $15 worth of hardware. Plus they come painted. They also stopped making the OEM cowls like this for the 650s. This is the first time I have done a project like this, and it wasnt all that hard. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking.

Here are some finished pictures.[email protected]/3385878749/[email protected]/3385878739/[email protected]/3385878715/[email protected]/3385878697/
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