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I just picked up my SV a month ago and have already done a ton of work getting it ready for the track with more in process. Did a track day on it last weekend and it was a blast, need to get the front end conversion done to get me in the right riding position, had trouble getting far enough forward/down in the corners with the triple/suburban machinery bars on the bike.

Thanks to all on the forum for the writeups and advice, here is what I have working so far:

2003 SV650N
-Sonic 1.0 springs/new oil
-'04 GSXR1000 rear shock
-Tank risers/quick release from Doug Z
-SVS fairing stays
-SVS top triple and clip-ons in progress
-Armor Bodies in progress
-Michelin Power Race front
-F3 wheel swap in plans, waiting for wheel to arrive and will do Power Race rear
-Working on paint scheme, thinking of doing something like the Ducati Senna editions in metallic grey/orange...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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