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I picked up one of these from Blair at SV Racing Parts, and as always sales, communication, and shipping were top notch. I sent Blair an email on a Saturday to order them and they arrived at my door by Wednesday.

I finally got to try out the unit on the track yesterday and it worked great. It doesn't have the fancy features of some of the units out there, but it doesn't have the fancy price either! For less then 50 bucks I had everything I needed except 2 AA batteries for the beacon. I placed the beacon on the concrete pit wall pointing across the track, turned it on and never had to touch it again for the rest of the day. I had spare batteries stashed by the beacon and checked it before each session. But although the documentation recommends changing the batteries for every 2 hours of run time to maintain a strong signal, I rain mine from about 10am through a little after 4pm never turning it off and it worked fine all day. The location of the beacon was less then 10 feet away when I would blow past on the straight, so that probably helped too.

For installation I put velcro (included in the package) on my top clamp for the display, and a strip on each side of the bike for the tiny receiver and zip-tied the extra cord. BTW, the cord is a good 4' long or more so there's plenty of flexibility for positioning on the motorcycle. The display is big enough to read on the move if you have time to glance down, and while not huge the buttons are big enough to push with gloves on. So I would turn the receiver on just before going on the track, and after leaving the track and entering pit road I'd hit the CLR button to stop the timing. Back at the paddock I could see all of my lap times, my fastest time, slowest, total, and average since the last clear.

Our usual vendor at the track that normally brings a beacon wasn't there, so I didn't get to see how this unit reacts to multiple readings or if it could sense other beacons at all. I couple of other guys with units like the XT Ultra timer turned their receivers on to see if they could sense this beacon, but they didn't get a reading. However it was about 4 hours into the day so my beacon had been on for some time, one guy had low batteries in the receiver, and another had his on the wrong side of the motorcycle, so we'll call that test inconclusive.

So all in all, I'm very pleased with the purchase. I could see wanting more features later on, but for an amateur like myself just curious to see how fast I was going it worked great. Now when I hear others at the track on liter bikes, 600cc supersports and years of experience talking about "I finally broke the 2 minute mark", I can finally have a frame of reference. BTW, we were at MSR Houston and my best time was a 2:12 with pretty consistent 2:13's. And that was running in Novice class so there was always somebody slower (and faster) that affected almost every lap.

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Hi Sloan, I find that the 2 AA Batteries in the beacon are good for our Friday Night 5 hour Track Nights and all day Saturday and all day Sunday before I swap them out,

If you place the SV Racing Parts, Lap Timer Beacon next to the other beacons on the wall you will not have any multiple signal issues at all. It is always a good idea to have all the beacon transmitters for Lap Timers sitting right next to each other,

Enjoy the ride, and best regards,

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Just received my lap timer from Blair that my wife got me for Valentine's day(yes my wife, she ROCKS!). Won't be able to use it until march 16th at Palm Beach International Raceway but I will be sure to post my review here when I get home. The only way I've been able to track my times has been a stopwatch and my Gopro vids the day after so I hope this makes things not only more "Real-Time" but easier all together.

Thanks Blair!!
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