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I am looking for some suggestions on the best way to commute and still keep my dress shirt and slacks pressed. I have been just wearing my helmet, jacket and gloves but my shirt is thrashed by the time i get to work.

Anyone here commute and still keep relatively dressed up?
Do you just pack a bag and change at the office?
Do you just ride without gear and roll the dice?

Thanks for any help

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Textiles with some room in them work very well, even with suits. Put the tie on at work, pack a pair of dress shoes or leave a pair in the office.
I wouldn't risk riding without gear. I'd try getting a decent size back pack and folding up your clothes then changing at the office. Just make sure the bag is large enough to not crumple up the clothes. Or you can go with the loose textiles like andy said.
i've tried putting my gear on over my ironed clothes, and it never seems to work out

wrinkle-free shirts may help out a bit (google geoffrey beene sateen)but other than that changing at work seems to be the only solution
I always change at work. This way I also don't have to be concerned about walking around all day with sweat stains (if any) from the ride in, as well.

I'm so used to it I don't even think about doing it anymore.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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