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Have all sorts of stuff for sale. I will add in some prices and I will work on finding suggested prices for the rest. Feel free to make an offer in the meantime.

Rear wheel from a 2nd generation Suzuki SV650. Has a patched Dunlop Q2 tire on it right now. It holds air fine, I put probably 2000 miles on it after it was patched and didn't need to add air any more than with a normal tire. Sprocket is fine, wheel is straight. Probably has 10k miles on the wheel and sprocket. I was thinking about making my SV into a track bike, bought a spare rear wheel, but changed my mind. The SV will remain only on the street from now on.

Perforated Komodo leather jacket. SOLD
Wheel chock for trailering SOLD

Misc parts for SV650 - front fender (freebie), internal for front forks (very cheap), OEM front brake calipers (free), and various other parts in the box.
lower triple for SV650S (make offer) and lower triple for SV650n (free, because it is bent just a little bit)

Red and white CBR600RR plastics SOLD
Silver gas tank cover and red front fender for CBR600RR still available.
Rear wheel with cush drive and sprocket, and all sorts of misc parts for Honda CBR600RR, 2003-2007 era. Came off a 2005 model.
lots of misc parts in there still available.

Sv wheel

Sv triples

Plastics and stuff

CBR wheel

Misc parts

SV fender and misc SV parts
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