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SV 650 No spark, wiring diagram?

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Hi! I'm working on a superkart from a half trashed SV650.
been trying to get the engine to spark, CDI seems intact( no shorts )
Coils also seem to be good, from what multimetering madness I could guess my way to atleast
so many possible switches that could disable me from getting a spark such as kickstand, clutch, neutral switches etc.
Feels like I'm missing something simple,
all the switches was missing sooo I'm quite lost.
Thanks ^^
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First of all, I would LOVE a little shifter kart powered by an SV650 twin! Sounds like a blast! Secondly, the previous owner of my SV650 (2000) battled with electrical stuff. Replaced coils and a few extra electrical bits, before finally realizing that one of the battery terminals were slightly loose! So, be thorough and systematically go through the electrical system, ensuring that everything is right! Including making sure that you are using a known good battery, and terminals are clean and snug!

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Kickstand switch seems suspect, as well as neutral safety switch! I would also pay special attention to the ignition switch/kill switch area of the wiring harness, to ensure that is squared away!
I would highly recommend buying either the factory service manual, OR the Haynes manual. The Haynes manual has easier to follow wiring diagrams, but factory manual is complete, too!
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This may help too. It is the minimum wiring you need for spark on the gen1 SV.
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Thank you Nikwho, that is a generous ammount of pages, much much appreciated 😊
This may help too. It is the minimum wiring you need for spark on the gen1 SV.
View attachment 60636
Cheers Tehriver! I stumbled upon this exact diagram, the 1/2w 100ohm resistor was the case of the ”problem” 👌🏼 She’s now running and all working like a charm!
jetting and fuel screw adjustment is all over the place but she rips! 😎
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