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Recently, I realized my rear wheel rotor was all burned up. I placed it on stands and saw that my pads were completely jammed. The wheel was barely turning at all. I removed the caliper, cleaned everything, pushed back the piston in. Then, I squeezed the rear brake pedal and saw that the piston wasn't coming back. The pads were fine. I called the near motorcycle garage. I went there and gave them my motorcycle. They called me last week saying that I had to change my rear brake caliper, my rear rotor and the pads because the brake pedal's pivot was rusty and when I was pushing on the brake, it wasn't coming back up. They cleaned the pivot. That's why everything burned up. Unfortunately, the garage can't find a caliper from their suppliers (Back-Order without a specific supply time). Do you guys know any place I could buy a stock or aftermarket rear brake caliper. I'm out of solutions. I did try different commons websites such as Revzilla, Fortnine, Amazon, etc. My bike modal is not always listed on certain website's garage.

Thank you for your help

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