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Rick, from Cogent Dynamics, is pleased to offer a group buy for all members!

He has done similar deals on a number of other websites including a couple
CBR 1100 XX forums and Triumph and have had fantastic customer
satisfaction. You may also recognize his screenname NCRick on and for the DR.

Here is what is being offered for both front and rear suspension upgrades for the SV:

Rear Shocks:

Cogent 2nd generation SV650 shock with rebound damping adjuster and
adjustable spring preload.

Cogent 1st generation SV 650 shock with rebound damping adjuster and
adjustable spring preload and adjustable ride height.

The Cogent shocks looks like this: (note spring color will be different, depending on the spring rate you need, remember this is all custom to your riding style and weight)

Penske 8900E "sport shock" with rebound and preload adjustability as well as
ride height

Penske 8983 double adjustable shock with hose mounted remote reservoir with
wide range compression adjuster, rebound, spring preload and adjustable ride


RaceTech Emulators and RaceTech springs, package price.

Installation at Cogent Dynamics (our package only) includes damper rod
modification to allow lighter weight fork fluid and fork fluid.

Bushings and seal are extra if needed but discounted to members.

This may be out there, but he can likely also offer a 25mm full cartridge
conversion kit at, including damping and preload adjustable fork caps. Great for CCS/WERA SS class.

Fork prices are for the pair.
Shipping in the continental USA: Shocks: $12 Forks $25. Includes

Here is a final message from Rick:
NCRICK said:
The most important thing to us is that we get each rider setup correctly and
provide an excellent service. Whether members purchase Penske or Cogent
product, the set up will be done on a custom basis and we will discuss that
setup with each rider. Both the Cogent and Penske shocks will be custom
built to suit the individual rider.
As part of our overall service, we will suggest chassis setup and make
specific recommendations to best meet each riders requirements.

If my track schedule will allow, I would also like to attend your Deals Gap
gathering and can answer questions there. I can also potentially lead a
ride. I know some roads!
Here is the final Deal, due to pricing issues, I CAN NOT list the price here on the forum since it is publicly viewable and searchable.

PM me for the full price list, I have organized the rear shocks in price from least to greatest.

To take advantage of the offer, call Rick @ Cogent Dynamics, 828-628-9025 or

Must Mention "SVRider" to get the group price.

OFFER ENDS 4/13/09


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Cool! Did you go through the phone or email?
Both. Sent Rick an email from the website. He emailed back and said calling is the best way to get all the info he needs. We played phone tag as he was out shipping orders and I was in the garage working on bikes, blah blah blah.

Got a hold of him, he did a little interview of my size (fat ash) riding style (much slower than I think I'm riding) and some other stuff. Real nice guy definitely sounds like he knows his stuff. Gave me some suggestions for setting up the fork springs I ordered from sonic, BS'd a little.

All in all a very good experience. :fiddy:

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I found a couple of forums just doing a search on cogent. The ones I read riders were satified with the product.

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Hi intel_killer, Is there a deadline on the group buy prices?

I'm thinking about it still.

Is anyone running a cogent rear shock on this forum?
There are a couple of svriders running with the cogent, but as others have said if you do a search on the other boards you will find most people are happy with them .

The cut off is April 13th after talking to Rick. I will edit the first post shortly.

But remember first come, first built!

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I've had a cogent rear on for almost a year and I'm very happy with it. I'm glad to see there's a group buy going - it's an excellent shock and the customer service is first class.
I don't know about the shock yet, but I will second the customer service. Both Rick and his wife, Joyce have been wonderful to deal with.

I ordered a Cogent shock a couple weeks ago, after talking with Rick several times about what would be the best value for my money.

Yesterday, after hearing about the group buy, I contacted them about maybe getting the group buy price. No muss, no fuss, this morning at about 5:30 I get an email from Rick telling me I will get the group rate, and my shock should be in the mail sometime late next week. WHOO HOO!

With apologies to Judge Smails, "top notch, top notch!"

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I have a Cogent shock, have had it for about 9 months and about 3K miles. Good quality, set up for my weight and riding style. Works great and made a big difference in ride, esp. with the front done as well. I bought the Racetech springs, and emus from him and installed them on the forks myself, he gave me instruction on length of spacers and other tips.

I would say the shock is similar to the Penske Sport shock. Looks just like the first pic in this post but with a yellow spring and mine has ride height adjustability in addition to rebound and preload.

Both Rick and Joyce are super nice and easy to work with.

If you like, PM me for more specifics.
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