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Superbike Galfer Wave Rotors

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Hello from Greece.Having decided to go for a GSXR front end swap to my curvy,I want to install Galfer wave rotors.I checked their site and saw the superbike one.But they are for race use only.Why is that?They are from the same material but the superbike are cyro treated.Do they have a smaller life?
In general do race rotors need to be used only for racing?What will happen when used on public roads(bad performance at low speeds,maybe?).
Your experiences will help!!
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I think they should be fine. In general the rotors will not make much difference I don't know why cyro treatment would make any difference. The aggressive design of the wave rotors may wear the brake pads faster but should also give a little more bite. You'll want to make sure you don't use racing pad compounds on the street however. They require higher temps to work right.
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