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I purchased a 2006 sv650s woo woo! I could of swore I was going to buy a Ninja 250r for my first bike so I posted this in a 250r awhile back. Sorry for the long post.

Picture of me & my SV650s:
Picture of my SV650S and my lil red cage behind it:

- Newbie from California (Long Beach) here. I used to live in Louisiana and road dirt bikes for about 1-5 years(cant remember) when I was around 13-18ish. I'm now 29 and have never ridden a motorcycle on the street. I've always wanted to get a street bike since I first got my car license but never got the chance ($ and drama).

I finally put my foot down and decided that this would be the year that I buy one. I've been emailing dealerships and checking craigslist constantly to find the best price. I've noticed that used Ninja 250r's almost go for the same exact price as a brand new bike (msrp). I sat on my first Ninja 250r about two weeks ago at a dealership and almost walked out with a brand new one. I know I'll drop my bike sooner or later because everyone does but I'm just to hard headed and want a brand spankin new bike. The only reason I did not buy the bike on the spot was because the MSRP is 4,199 and after the paperwork was done the OTD price was over 6,000. We talked it down to about 5,200 but that still seemed high for me.

I take my BRC class next week and I'm super hyped. If I fail the class I will cry srs. I've been looking for places to park my bike around my apt (I live downtown and I'm struggling to find a place that will let me pay one price to park my car and bike).

/end of story


So I used to ride dirt bikes about 10 years ago and haven't touched a bike again until my BRC/MSF class this past weekend.

First day:

Yes yes it was super boring 5 hours of classwork and a 50 question test after. They showed videos, passed around gear, drew on the chalk board, and made us answer all the questions in the back of the BRC book. I dragged two of my friends to this course and we all passed the written test. They have never ridden any type of two wheels with a motor on it. I got 47/50, another got 47/50 and another got 50/50.

Second day:
One of my friends was about 3 minutes late and they did not let him in (he has to go to other classes and be on stand by now)

The fun stuff. I picked the 250 Honda Nighthawk (awesome bike). They started off at a pretty slow pace, learning everything on the bike before even mounting the bike, switches and all. We spent awhile doing clutch control and going up and down the course (parking lot). Two people kept stalling the bikes and could never find neutral to start the bikes which held us up. After the first hour, the training went into overdrive. Move after move, turn after turn, pretty fast pace and most of us caught on.

While doing the quickstops - Two people fell. One was my friend (I couldn't stop laughing). He went strait then engaged both breaks, came to a stop, and tipped over! just LOLD. Another guy was doing a quickstop and while he was breaking his bike leaned over and it dropped. He broke the right turn signal and got to take it home as a souvenir (i wanted a souvenir )

Third day:

More advanced stuffs. I got b'd at because I was going to fast on the straits. We had to take a turn, then go fast enough to use the breaks before the next turn. I think I prob went about 35 in the small area we had. Figure 8 was a killer, I put my foot down the first two attempts I tried but then I started doing everything they told me and it was a breeze. Getting closer to test time and everyone was super nervous. The instructor pulls my friend on the side and tells him: "I recommend you not take this test today". My friend was having fun up until that point After that he was just super pissed and kept saying there supposed to train, and encourage you and not say some ish like that. I agreed that it was a messed up thing to say but I was watching him sometimes and I'm sure he would have failed the test.

Test Time:
Everyone was super nervous and we all lined up (except my friend because he was going to save his two test attempts when he gets more pratice). When it was my turn I was so nervous before I went I had to say in my head: "you've been doing this all day, nothings different". I Aced the figure 8, Aced the swerve. After completing the swerve and going into the turn, my engine died and the instructors were watching me I forgot to turn back on my fuel when I started the bike. So I kept thinking in my head I'm going to fail. Then comes the quickstop portion, I had this perfect all day but when it came to my turn I was super nervous again. I passed the cones, downshifted and hit both breaks but I put my foot down way to early when the bike was still moving and almost fell. I thought now for sure I failed because I knew they were strict with the points.

Grades: 12 people in the class: Three failed, and one backed out(my friend).
One failed at the last possible second in one of the videos shown below. We are all done with the test and are just walking them to where the instructors wanted us to and he didn't put the kick stand down all the way you can also see he cuts me off when we were parking and I hit both breaks like a pro like I learned from this class

I now see why this class is highly recommended for new riders. I've learned ALOT and my experience was awesome. (going to the DMV next week to get my license and my bike next month boooooya.)

I'm the fat dude wearing the bright Filipino windbreaker

Boring turn video:

Video of the end of the course and the dude drops his bike and fails (listen to what the instructor says right when he drops the bike)

I need advice on what to do with my License Plate. Previous owner looks like he cut off the fender and mounted the license plate by the exhaust. I'm sure its probably illegal in CA and i need a quick fix for this.
Picture of the back:

Is my only option to get one of thoughts fender eliminator kits that hold the license plate? The lights and turn signals work with no issues.

I'm a total noob with motorcycles and will probably take it to a motorcycle shop to get the work done. (If anyone lives close to me (LB) and is willing to do this work I'd rather pay them instead of a dealership that will most likely overcharge)

Thanks for reading,

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First off, welcome! Glad you took the BRC as it's super helpful as you've already figured out.

As for your rear fender problems, it looks like the PO just hacked it off. You're going to need a homemade bracket, fender eliminator kit, or a new fender. If it were me I'd go with a fender elim kit to avoid having to move your turn signals. It's really not a difficult thing to do if you've used a screwdriver before. There are a ton of different ones and I believe there is a thread floating around on here with a bunch of reviews of them. Also it looks like the PO flipped the black piece on the bottom of the tail over, most likely for more storage space. Can't say I've ever seen that before!

All the info is on this forum!

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