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Stu's new wheel :)

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I finally got off my a$$ and mounted my VFR800 front wheel.
I'm in the process of doing a SSSA swap in case you're wondering why I would want a VFR wheel on my bike.
Thanks DougZ for the caliper spacers.

I had to have some custom rotor mounting spacers made up and a couple of 7.5mm spacers to center the wheel.
I got some 25x47x12 bearings and had a stock SRAD center spacer cut down to length to fit in the VFR wheel.

Was it worth all the trouble? Probably not but I'll have the only SV with VFR wheels.
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Stupid Photobucket. I rotated the pictures in my album, why are they showing up wrong? Is this better?

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Nice job that looks great can't wait to see the whole thing put together.
Cool, I definitely prefer matched wheels
Yeeah, these would be a pretty good match for the F3 rear also.
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