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Murphy was my best buddy today  :mad:

The first fork went well and I was pleased that everything was working to plan ...
Fork number two, when I put the impact wrench to the 8 mm x 30 mm screw, that is located at the bottom of the fork, the head stripped out. (the size of the allen wrench was 6 mm)

Time out ...

Go to Home Depot, get another metric hex allen screw .. .89 cents.
Get a brand new 7/16 drill bit, don't want to mess with an old dull bit with an expensive fork.

Wrap a thick rag around the fork and put it upside down in a vise so the stripped head is pointing up.
Use a variable speed drill and SSSSSSLLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWLY start drilling out the allen head.

Stop every 32nd of an inch or so to blow out the chips and examine the hole carefully.
Note that the hole is a smaller diameter than the allen screw head ... this is intentional.

After 4 to 5 minutes of slowly drilling at a low speed, you will feel a small snap-tug ... stop immediately
and notice that there is a ring of steel around your drill bit.

Use a starter punch and punch the threaded body of the bolt through the hole and the damper rod
will carry it through.

Clean all the metal shavings and start following the instructions that were so rudely interupted by Murphy!

Notes on drill bit, use a brand new one, you need something that will drill with very little effort.
You don't want to screw up the fork!  Do not use a pilot hole bit, use a standard HSS which should be
about 4-7 bucks depending if you find it coated or not.

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Those bolts are a b*tch to get out...took me and my brother to get them loose.
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