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Street Triple

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Power wise and handling how does it compare to the sv650?
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Stock comparison it delivers more of both than the SV.
It's an SV650 but better in every way.
Some day I would like to have the speed trip living side by side with my SV.
Beautiful bikes. Triumph is offering incentivized rates on the speed triple right now...
I had a '97 Speed Triple and loved that bike. It just got a little heavy. The new Speed Triple and Street Triple are both smokin' bikes. Much better in most respects that the SV's. I'm AM very biased towards Triumphs, I think they're great bikes. BUT, I needed a sport touring bike with an emphasis on sport and the SV is a perfect bike for that. Also comparing apples to apples you pay more for the Triumphs than the Suzukis. Still would love to have one.
My friend has a brand new one and I got a chance to ride it. I'm comparing it to an 06 SV-s. In some ways it's better, some ways I prefer the SVs. You can definitely feel the power difference right off the bat coming off the SV. I wouldn't say the handling is better than an SVs, It felt a bit awkward because I'm used to leaning forward a bit more and the SVs feels more natural in the turns (I've never ridden an SV standard, to comapre). It's a nice bike and it's comfortable. Plenty of power. It's a hell of a lot windier on the street tripple because of the tiny shield up front and your body is more upright. Like anything else it has advantages and disadvantages. I love my SV though. hehe
I am guessing it wasn't an R
Think SV with 30 more hp.

Speed Triple.... might be my sweet transition from 2cylinders to 3cylinders...and who knows? maybe four a lil bit later
More and Yes.

You're welcome.
speed triple > sex
SV = sex
Buell blast < sex
Speed triple = offtopic.
And rather ugly anyway.

Speed triple = offtopic.
And rather ugly anyway.

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If I could buy any bike right now it would be the street triple. I have heard very good things about it from more than one place. It is supposed to be a great bike.
Same weight approx
Same torque
triumph has 20 more HP and costs $2000 more
I'd rather spend $$ on better suspension and aftermarket parts on my SV.

The only one I like is the speed triple.
I wouldn't buy a Street Triple, but I would buy a Street Triple R.
I have always liked the Triple
Yes, the triple is awesome....unless there's only one girl.
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