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hello and welcome to SVrider.

first things first, glad to hear you are taking your class before getting something. knowing how to ride properly is the best knowledge you will obtain, aside from experiences.

do you have any experience at all on previous motorcycles, old dirt bikes as a kid...?

you will obviously learn how to ride at the class, but those are usually 200s or 250s. i learned to ride on dirtbikes. then last summer i got my endorsement and spent the summer on a 81 yamaha 250 enduro with the knobbiest tires possible. i grew extremely confident in my riding skills and techniques. if you have a friend with a dirt bike, i'd try to get some experience on that, possibly even before your class.

after/during your class you will learn for yourself and get an idea of what kind of bike you want. obviously, for logical reasons, it would be ideal to start out on something smaller. possibly a 500. i would consider the SV to be a good first "real bike" after havign experience on others.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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