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Stock Suspension Settings

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So I am coming off a '79 Honda that rode like a caddy. Sure...hit the brakes and her nose hit the deck like a rock star with some white powder...but I never realized how rough the roads were until I got on my SF. That being said, there is a LOT that's been done in the 30 years between when my two bikes were born and I need some help with getting my suspension right...

When I am commuting to work (with laptop, shoes, etc) I've probably added 205lbs to the bike. Suspension settings now are set to completely stock. I find the ride now very rough. One big issue is when cutting through traffic on the freeway, the bike tends to jump when going over the reflectors between the lanes.

If I'm not commuting there is a good chance my gf is riding with combined...I would say 330lbs. The bike actually feels pretty planted...except when in the canyons and then the front end feels light.

Any suggested settings? Also...I appreciate the thought but suspension upgrades right now are not on the list of to-dos so I have to make do with what big S gave me.
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There are good articles about how to set preload (the only thing you can set, besides changing oil, on the stock SV). However, that will just set the ride height. The springing will still be too soft.

There are a couple of threads in the FAQ section on Suspension and Brakes.

Consider at least new front springs and a "repurposed" shock for the rear. It will make a world of difference.
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