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Hey all,

My name is soulpatch (well really I am Andy but been soulpatch since college)

I have been riding a GSXF600 for the past 4 years. It is a great bike for long trips, riding two up, and a good starter bike for the street. I had done dirt riding and such but recently only got into street riding.

Well I was getting bored of the Katana. I seemed to be hitting certain limits with her. She was heavy and slightly cumbersome. While a great commutor and something that puckered my ass occasionally I felt it was time to finally step up slightly. So I started browsing other bikes out there. In my search I discovered that because of squids GSXrs are too expensive and Busas are WAY too expensive to insure. The wife is not too keen on me spending money as is so an extra 1500+ a year in insurance was not a pill she could swallow.

I then stumbled upon the TL1000s that use to run the streets. I fell in love with their sound and look BUT not with osme of their mechanical issues when I looked into them. It was then that I turned to the SV. I started my search a bit ago and have been on the lookout for a deal ever since. I was looking into a SV650 when I just happened to incorrectly select SV1000 in a search. I found a bike in MD with the lower fairing for 6899 out the door AND one at my local dealer for only $60 more but without the lower fairing.

I called both dealers and got the local guy to throw in the lower fairing and get within $200 of the dealer in MD over 250 miles away. They are also going to keep the bike till the Spring as I do not have a garage and my parent's garage is full at the moment with my katana and boat stuff.

So I pulled the trigger. THis is my first ever brand new bike. It is a 2007 SV1000s that has been sitting. I am soo stoked to get her in March and open her up.

I have spent the entire day today looking into aftermarket stuff for the bike. The shovel on the rear has got to go and I think I settled on a hotbodies underbody and HID headlights. Perhaps a few other things once I get some more money. The exhaust and a smoke double bubble would be next. Then who knows where I will go.

I will be searching this site for great infomation. Hopefully my SV can be as tricked out as my Kat this year. My katana has custom paint, HID headlights, LED lighting, exhaust, alarm, ect. Tons of money spent on her....ha ha.
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