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What you are asking isn't really possible. Most of the tires (95%) available in the SV sizes are radial (steel belted as well). The problem tires run into is, that they are made from relatively soft material. They will never stand up to nails or metal shards. There are run flat tires for cars, but they have built up sidewalls or rubber around the center of the rim (airless tire).

It's part of the hazard. What I would really look into is where you are riding. I found that there are certain areas that maximize my chance of picking up crap in my tires. I avoid those areas now.

BTW, you can plug your tire with in reason. Some will say to NEVER plug a motorcycle tire, but I've done it many times for street riding.

And yes, progressive is horrible for me as well. I was paying $500 a year, quoted Progressive and was quoted well over $3000 for the same coverage. No thanks...and that was with a clean record, no lein.
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