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Hey - OK, of late my bike has developed a problem.

In the morning, when the bike is completely cold, I put the choke on and hit the starter button. The bike catches and starts running for a second and then just dies. If I try starting it again, it will keep trying to start, but it won't catch.

I'll then turn the choke "off" and start the bike with a dose of throttle. At this point she'll catch, but obviously idle really low because she's cold. Then, I switch her off again, put the choke back on and start her up with a dose of throttle - and she'll stay running.

This happens only in the mornings after the bike has sat overnight in the garage. This has now happened THREE days in a row. During the day, I can't recreate the situation.

The carbs need to be synced - could this be something that causes this situation? (I have NEVER had to use throttle to start my bike cold with the  choke on before.)

Any other reasons why this could be happening? Thanks!
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