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sprocket thing for more MPG?

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Okay hopefully two things will come out of this, the proper termenology for one and two, an answer :)

When I bought my SV it was my first bike ever. I'm slowly learning the mechanical side of things. One thing the seller said was he had put on a new sprocket (whatever the thing is the chain goes around) that would up the MPG.

My question is, first is that called a sprocket but second, does that mean he added or took away a tooth from the stock one? Oh finally, does that mean more or less torque, if he increased MPG?
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well mpg is relative here. yes it is called a sprocket, you have two one in front and one in back. if the front one has 15 teeth than he sitched out the rear. if he added mileage here h most likely went down teeth in the rear or went up a tooth in the front. like i said count the front teeth to verify which he switched. i always believed that you should always change both sprockets and chain at same time though
I have always'd changed out both sprockets with my chains. just good policy. the theory is that the wear will be even and consistent that way. I guess you can look at it like changing tires on a car. you wouldnt change 3 tires and leave one half used up would you?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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