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Anybody on here?

Was waiting to make a u-turn, bike came by in opposite lane, I turned and came to red light and split traffic and was next to the Sv, looked like a second gen with a unique wind screen.

I took off like I usually do, nice brisk take off maybe half throttle which is still pretty hard launch off the XB12 and she seemed to be riding a bit more briskly then when she first passed me ;).

Then saw her turn right when I stopped and got some mad lean angle going! Seems like she can ride!

Just wondering if its anybody on here and be careful, those LG cops (I live and go to school here) have nothing better to do then bust bikers for speeding and teens for smoking cigerettes. The main motorcycle cop down here is very happy to pull you over as well, he often patrols the school during lunch for petty tickets such as rolling a stop sign on campus (its a war zone, stop signs are the least of your worries if you dont want to get into a fender bender)...
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