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Sportbike Northwest '09!

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Predmore and KTM @Sportbike Northwest!

Join us!
From: SR! Rally Team ([email protected]) Sent:Fri 1/30/09 1:49 PM

As the winter progresses, the promise of warmer riding weather appears on the horizon. And with that comes the opening of Registration for the 2009 Sound RIDER! Rally in the Gorge (Sportbike Northwest, Sport Touring Northwest, Dualsport Northwest and Maxi Scoot Northwest).

The 2009 rally is shaping up to be a good one from all four sides. The dates are Wednesday July 29th - Sunday August 1st.

We've already lined up a number of special guests speakers this year including Reg Pridmore, David Hough and Ramey Stroud. We are presently working out a series of on road clinics (no extra charge) that will focus on subjects ranging from cornering and body mechanics, to after market accessories and even travel photography. These rolling clinics will be run by members of Puget Sound Safety, Cascade Endurance Center and a number of industry veterans. It's one thing to take in a seminar at the fairground, it's a whole other thing to experience the information real time on the road! More details as they become available.

The KTM Factory demo truck is going to be on hand with all their latest street legal road and adventure models for you to ride. We're working on more.

We've added an extra day to the event, but we're holding the admission rate at $99! We're adding another Dam Bike Barn to the mix on the fairground so we'll essentially double our indoor parking availability. We've also shifted the rally dates from August into July to increase our chances for better weather and capture more vendor interest.

And hey - we'll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Sound RIDER! so expect some great fun in store.

To get started link over to your rally site now:

Sportbike Northwest:

Sport Touring Northwest

Dualsport Northwest:

Maxi Scoot Northwest:
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oh, i'll be there. i want another shot at that fence.

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Sounds like fun. I'll probably be through with friends if I'm not out of the country.
I'm so gonna make it this year!

I'm finally almost getting my bike back on the road.
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