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Spoked Excel/Talon wheels on an SV... Why not?

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I know there is probably a good reason this has not been done.... but the reason seems to be alluding me.
I want to build a super light canyon racer, and it will be a replica cafe racer. When looking at aluminum and magnesium forged wheels up to $4k a set, I was wondering why a set of Excel rims with Talon hubs (motard style) would not work on an SV street bike. For the price, custom sizing and weight, they cannot be beat.
Some friends say they would have too much flex. Granted, for the track, but I am building a canyon racer that could benefit from some flex, seeing as the roads are far from perfect. Some one else said that they cannot handle cornering forces at high speed.... like a 625 KTM cannot?!
I am asking for valid reasons why I should NOT attempt such a feat.
Am I missing something.... other than the fact that it would look pretty weird on a stock bike?
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I think it could be done. The SV to Motard bike that is posted all over the place has laced wheels:

I think it would look pretty cool. Do it and post the pics.
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IIRC he used RMZ or DRZ forks for that though.... His build thread is all over on
I'd check there for details.
Yeah, but the basic concept is there.

There are a bunch of big heavy bikes that use wire spoke wheels, so I see no reason why it would not work on an SV.

Maybe give someone a call at Talon to see if they have a hub that would fit an SV, or if they say that the forces are too high.

Maybe shoot them an e-mail to see if they have something that fits the SV.
Downside of spoked wheels:
They have to be trued occasionally. And to keep them true, they have to be trued with equal tension on each spoke.
They are hard to clean.
They have more side-to-side and compression flex than cast rims. This mechanical compliance is why they work well off-road.
Some designs are in the works for spoked wheels that can run tubeless tires. Right now you're faced with sealing the wheel/spoke nipple air tight. Alpina has some tubeless capable spoked wheels, but I know nothing about them. DO NOT run tubes in a tubeless tire.

Post if you find a solution.
Downside of spoked wheels:
They have to be trued occasionally. And to keep them true, they have to be trued with equal tension on each spoke.
That's true (haha). My dirtbikes need to be tightened up fairly often, it is not a fun process.
I've been wanting to do it for a long time.. Here are a couple examples.. I've heard a KTM SM and BMW F650 rear will bolt up with minimal mods. The front on stock forks, I'm not so sure about, I think I read somewhere about a Harley dual disk wheel fitting but you would have to respoke and rim to get down to 17"

This is what I would like to do
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I think a proper 'built' set is in order, all but one of the examples pictured used a non stock front end andwere motarded looking.
They can look fantastic... But very expensive, and finding a suitable dual disc hub isn't exactly straightforward, unless you're going to do a lot of other work or get a hub made to your spec, or with adaptors. Lot of money for a mod with some drawbacks.
Us Old guys, never missed spoked wheels.:) Mags are soooooo much easyser to maintaine and clean.!
DO NOT run tubes in a tubeless tire.
I'm not sure that is entirely true. I believe whether or not you run a tube depends on the rim primarily. Tons of supermoto and dual sport bikes come with tubes and tubeless tires. I've always heard tubeless simply meant a tube was not required. There may be some conditions where installing tube in a tubeless tire may be unsafe, but I've never heard it mentioned in all the instances of people switching tires on bikes w/ spoked wheels.
My thoughts exactly.. I've never heard of any issues running a tube in a tubless tire. Look at all the BMW GS bikes and supermotos.. spoked wheels and I guarantee the tires aren't "tube only"
This is what I would like to do
fooking sweet!
now that's a sexy sv.
That black gen 1 with black rims on GSXR forks was pretty much exactly what I had in mind. The dual disc front could be a bit of a hurdle... hadn't thought of that. I've contacted them though... I'll update when I get a reply.
And yes, spokes are a nightmare to clean.... that is why I want them black.
Not out to build a garage queen, just a dedicated canyon racer that I want to see how low the weight can go.
Thanks for all the info and pics!
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