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speedo problem

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Put a gsx-r front end on my 08 sv and got the digikey hall effect sensor and magnets and everything and now it is way off. i checked pretty much everything. Got the four rare earth magnets evenly spaced, gap between sensor and magnets is about a quarter inch. And the sensor is mounted pretty dang sturdy. i compared my speedo speed with that of my gps and speedo said 30 while the gps said 45. Is a speedo healer my only option to get this fixed? those are running about a hundred bucks and I kinda dont want to spend that much. But if its the only option than so be it. I guess I will have to spend the money.

thanks, wade
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The 4 magnets are for the earlier bikes. It's well documented that up to '07 at least, you need 8 magnets to get the speed right. Could be the '08 needs a different number than the '07.

Seeing as you need a 50% change, I would start by adding 2 more on your '08, for a total of 6 magnets.

.. Gregg
Sounds about right, Wade. Glad it worked out!

.. Gregg
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