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Speedo magnet and other question

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I changed up my springs/fork oil today and as I pulled the wheel off, the speed sensor dropped something out of it that was covered in what I thought was dirt. I didnt worry about it until I had everything swapped out and was ready to put it back together.

I figure it is a magnet for the speedo (I guess I was right) and I put the biggest pieces back in and tighten everything down. The speedo works, and is accurate! Imagine that.

I do a ride and the new springs kick ass, but I noticed that the front brakes are dragging a lot. I used to be able to coast on a flat street in neutral without slowing for a decent amount of time, now I loose speed a lot faster.

I looked at the axle bolt thing and it is INSIDE the bottom of the fork, not flush with it, which I think it should be.

Like that picture, it is flush. Mine is inside the bottom of the fork about 1/4 inch or more.

So I come home and take it apart again and the magnet is even more broken, so I pull more out, put it back together and the axle is still inside the fork, and the speedo doesnt work.

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Thanks! Time to check local dealerships to see if they have any (doubtful).
Hmm... weird. I got a new magnet and installed it and it isn't registering and the axle is still inside the fork and it is dragging a lot on the brakes.

I think the right fork might be bent somehow. ???
I really can not diagnose this problem. At all. The fork looks like it might be a little off where it meets the bottom part of the fork, but I think it might just be off in the triple tree clamps. I really don't know. The brake lines don't seem to have much play in them either.

The speedo is registering now, and I will try that alignment when I get home.


Oh yeah, and you said pinch boltS. Are there multiple bolts? I thought there was only the 1 on the front of the right fork??
Tried the technique posted, didnt help. :(

I also tried what my friend told me to try, which was loosen the pinch bolt and compress the forks a few times and it should pop the fork back into place. It didn't work. :(

Oh yeah, and I also followed the directions in the SV650 manual for reinstalling the front forks and wheel. To leave the 2 pinch bolts on the right fork loose (This was weird, because I only have 1) and compress the forks 4-5 times and then tighten the pinch bolt. This was pretty much the same thing that my friend told me.

The bike seems to track straight and handles much better after the oil/spring swap, but I would like to get this resolved.
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