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I'm right behind you on this subject. (See picture above^^^ ;D )

I've got the fork springs and oil ready to go and I've got my eye on a few shocks on eBay to complete the suspension mods.

I haven't been entirely comfortable with the stock suspension. Handling, while good, isn't as solid as I know it can be. I weigh 230 without gear, so the front (even with max preload) is still way under sprung and lacks proper damping. The rear (max preload too) is too vague for proper canyon carving.

I live in an area that has hundreds of miles of canyons and mountain roads. They are very challenging for any rider, regardless of experience. I know the SV can be made much better in the handling department. And I've got just the roads to prove it on!!

I can't wait to get my suspension mods done!!!
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