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Ive had the Sonic .90 springs along with 20W fork oil and a ZX14 rear shock waiting to be installed for weeks now. I used the stock Kawi lower bolt, and nut with 2 washers.

Rear took 30 min, front took slightly over 2 hours...

All I can saw is WOW, I have 14,500 miles on the SVS now and I weigh 215lbs without gear, I didnt realize just how $hitty the stock setup was for my weight until the first ride out with the "new" stuff. Half the bumps in the road seem to be missing, it doesnt take me a few cycles of the suspension wallowing to settle back to normal after hitting a bump.

The turn in is amazing, much crisper you think about it and you're leaning. I find myself not having to "hustle" the bike through corners as much it steers easier, almost makes the bike feel lighter. I have to get used to NOT being thrown off my line when hitting a bump mid corner and having to compensate for being thrown off my line some. The rear shock is almost identical in length to stock, and requires no cutting of the battery tray, although 3 screws do need to be removed along with an extra cover for the battery compartment. The rear actually sits higher with me on it due to the bike not sagging as much when I sit on it, this helps with the turn in as well.

Overall I spent $108 shipped on springs and 2 bottles of 20W fork oil, and $70 shipped on a rear ashock off of Ebay...BY FAR the best money Ive ever spent. If you've been thinking about doing this, dont wait!! This made me fall in love with my SV all over again....
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