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Or gsxr shock install part 2.

In some ways reassembing the tail was more challenging than getting the shock on in the first place. The battery of course was the major problem, and a couple other quirks along the way.

First the battery. Once I bolted teh subframe back up, I slipped in the fender to measure up the battery box and where to cut. This was on a 2nd gen. So I ended up removing that flap that's screwed onto the foreward side of the tool box (what the heck is that for anyways?) The battery box I cut about 2/3 of the front of the box off. Left the tip over sensor mount. Shaved the rest of the front most panel, and a little bit under it to clear the shock well. Snapped the fender in and tried the battery. no go. So I have a solution. The place where the ecu goes. Its about 3/4" of extra space. I cut out a section of the fender where the ecu goes. Shift the battery 3/4" straight back. Nice and stable.
Ecu I changed the wiring to run over the subframe instead of through it. Ecu lays on top of the battery. Right now I have a rag jammed in the remaining part of the front of the battery box to keep the battery in place backwards. Eventually Ill replace it with foam. Seat fits over the ecu no problem, and there is even foam on the bottom of the seat to press down on the ecu and keep it from vibrating. All and all, pretty slick once I got done with it. Ill take pics/draw diagrams in a bit.
Only bad bit was I forgot to put the tip over sensor in the right spot so I got a FI and no start the first time I went to start it. Easy fix though.

Went for a ride and the rear feels much more solid. Once I get the forks on tomarrow Ill set sag.
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