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So last night I saw a commercial for...

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I can't find a video or a decent picture at the moment, but I swear I saw a TV ad for the kids' version of the Snuggie. We should just make a sleeved blanket out of Sham-WOW material, call it the Snug-WOW, get Vince to shoot a commercial, and get it over with. The world would end just that much sooner :p

(P.S. I didn't see this on the thread list and didn't get any results in a search so if someone has already posted about this please don't kill me...)
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You can't make a snuggie out of a Sham-WOW!! :nono: It will effectively suck all of the body fluids out through your pores leaving you a lifeless, dehydrated pile of skin and bone!
Thats what people who buy the snuggie be mummified alive!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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