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So I just got "pranked"

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Anyone else received a a call from here?

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that's it man. I hope your affairs are in order. That's the grim reapers cell.

About stock of used SV parts......
Seriously though - WTF is it?

Edit - I think Liutas did it.
It's apparently a spoofed number. An empty number on the exchange that is used to hide real caller id's.
Interesting - yea it played the Rick Rolled song and said at the end that it was a prank

You got rick rolled over the phone. That rulez.
Got it! This is what it was -

Stuff like this just weirds me out.
lol. Glad you got it all worked out. I'd've been steamed at first too. But then I think I probably would have laughed to myself and clapped the offender on the back for a jb well done.
Now I just have to find out who did it.... so I can return the favor... 3 times a day, for a week :)
Can't be any worst then when the secret service was calling me.
Thanks for sharing the link! I'll be RR my wife later this week!
HAHa... This shet reminds me of high school where they used to leave anonymous numerical messages saying "187" (as in homicide) to rivals and enemies, or just screwing around with some of our friend's heads. 'One-nate-seven on yo ass foo!!!' :laughing4:

Soooo childish, but so funny...
Edit - I think Liutas did it.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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