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so i just got a new slip-on

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ok so for about 4 months i was trying to decided on a yoshi. or a leo vince.
so anyway after a long har discision i went with the leo vince. i got a steal on it plus u see every1 and ther mom with a yoshi.. so i think it sounds great and the carbon just makes the bike over the top. i would highly recommend to any1. if ur thinkin about a slip on hit me up and ill give u directions on how to get the leo vince for anawsome price. heres a video on how it sounds
oh yea i forgot it a high exit whichs looks sick.
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nice, i must admit, i slightly envy the high mount.
it sounds really cool with that slip on, it sounds cooler after cutting that stock exhaust tough!!
plus u see every1 and ther mom with a yoshi
Easy now....I'm a huge Yoshi fan and people still put Leo Vince on their bikes?
Congrats on your new exhaust!
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good sounding pipe!

but you spelled quiet wrong in the video i think hahah
sounds nice, almost got a used high mount leo vince this past winter but it fell through, where did you happen to get your great deal? any cheap K1 models?
Nice exhaust, it sounds great. The video is great too. I like how you showed each stage. Well done.
great choice. leo's are a great exhaust
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